And the winner is ... HyeonLee Jeong (Kelley)!

Build TogetHER BC was honoured to present the committee’s first scholarship ever to BC Regional Council of Carpenters Local 1907 apprentice HyeonLee Jeong (Kelley) on Jan. 26.

Kelley was awarded $1,000, courtesy of Sheet Metal Workers’, Roofers and Production Workers’ Local 280.

All scholarship applicants were required to write a short essay about their experiences helping women in the trades. The judges had a difficult time selecting just one applicant because the submissions were so outstanding. Here are a few excerpts from Kelley’s essay, and others’:

“Sometimes, people at work think I don’t know anything about work because I am an apprentice. And that feeling of being small is something I don’t want anyone to feel, so If I attend this school, I know it will allow me to overcome feelings of shyness and allow me to grow both personally as well as professionally.”

“Through all of the trials, tribulations as well as triumphs, we have all contributed to advancing women in trades. Each and every one of us just by sharing our story paves the way for other women to make a decision to make a career in trades. It’s as simple as showing up, staying informed and being a positive role model that together we can all make a difference.”

“Some days may be harder than others, but each day I come in, I always give everything I do around the shop my best effort to show I belong there.”

“… not only can I be a leader and a voice for my fellow tradeswomen, but I can be an inspiration for my daughter.”

“People don't realize the amount of strength that is required to show up to work every day with a brave face on, just knowing that no matter how hard you work, when times are tough you will get laid off first simply because of your gender.”

“It doesn't matter that society isn't ready for me to be an electrician, because I am ready to be an electrician and I will not give up on my dreams.”

I hope that through dedication, skills, and hard work, I will help show how important a place women have in trades today, as well as in the field moving forward, and to prove to both fellow workers and employers that women can do everything that men can.

Stay tuned for information on next year's scholarship criteria!

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